Game Description

This is a re-creation of the 2-dimensional game released in 1979 by Atari. Once gameplay begins, the player moves and fires bullets from a space ship in an attempt to shoot down and remove asteroids from play, all while trying to avoid being hit by the asteroids themselves. If the player successfully removes all asteroids from play, the next round begins and the user continues until the number of allowable asteroid collisions is exceeded.

Technical Details

Programmed using cross-platform OpenGL in 2D matrix mode. Starfield background is a randomly generated series of varying size circles. Simple physics modeling recreates velocity and acceleration for accurate gameplay. There is no limit on the velocity of an object, so it can get out of hand quickly. Astroids are modeled from real photographs of asteroids and are initialized with random velocities and rotational velocities in a specific range. When a collision is detected between a bullet and an asteroid, large asteroids will split into multiple smaller rocks and small asteroids will be removed from play. When all rocks have been removed, the user advances to the next stage. A HUD not shown in the screenshots display remaining lives and a score.



Pre-Start Instructions

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